Discover the Perfect Internet Package with Beehive Broadband

In today’s digitally driven world, having a reliable and fast internet connection is essential for both work and leisure. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, gaming online or simply browsing the web, Beehive Broadband offers a range of internet packages tailored to meet your specific needs. Here’s a detailed look at what each package offers, so you can choose the best option for your household.

50 Mbps Plan

If you live in a small household and need a plan that supports basic internet usage, the 50 Mbps plan is perfect for you. This package is recommended for connecting 2-3 devices to the internet simultaneously. Whether you’re streaming your favorite series on Netflix or engaging in some light online gaming, this plan ensures a smooth and uninterrupted experience.


Best For: Small households with 2-3 devices

Activities: Streaming on one device, basic gaming, and general internet usage


With the 50 Mbps plan, you can enjoy seamless browsing, video streaming, and light gaming without worrying about lag or buffering. This 50Mbps plan is only available in a few of Beehive’s rural communities. To see if your area qualifies for this service, check your address here.

250 Mbps Plan

For larger households or users with multiple devices, the 250 Mbps plan offers a significant upgrade. This package can comfortably connect around 12 devices to the internet, making it ideal for families or tech enthusiasts who need to stay connected on multiple fronts.


Best For: Medium to large households with up to 12 devices

Activities: Streaming on up to 6 devices (BEEtv, Netflix, Hulu, etc.), gaming, and high-speed browsing


This plan ensures that everyone in the household can enjoy their favorite online activities without any slowdowns, even during peak usage times.

1 Gbps Plan

For those who require top-tier performance, the 1 Gbps plan delivers unparalleled speed and reliability. This package is perfect for households with multiple heavy internet users, providing enough bandwidth to connect around 20 devices simultaneously.


Best For: Large households or tech-savvy users with up to 20 devices

Activities: Streaming on up to 12 devices, high-definition gaming, large file downloads and professional work-from-home


Whether you’re hosting a gaming marathon, streaming in ultra-high definition, or running a home office with extensive data needs, the 1 Gbps plan ensures everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

2Gbps Plan:

Available to residents in our Lehi service area, the 2Gbps plan is the pinnacle of internet performance. This plan is designed for the most connected households, capable of handling around 30 devices with ease.


Best For: Very large households or users with extensive internet needs

Activities: Streaming on up to 20 devices, intensive online gaming and live streaming, smart home systems, and multiple high-definition streams


The 2 Gbps plan provides an incredibly robust and fast connection, making it ideal for homes with numerous smart devices, heavy data usage and the need for uninterrupted service.

Bundle and Save

Beehive Broadband not only offers top-notch internet speeds but also provides additional savings when you bundle your internet plan with other services. Customers who bundle their internet with BEEtv or Digital Voice can save $5 a month on their monthly invoice. This bundle option enhances your connectivity and provides a more comprehensive entertainment and communication solution at a discounted price.

Why Choose Beehive Broadband?

Local Expertise: As a local provider, Beehive Broadband understands the unique needs of our community and is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support.


Reliability: With advanced infrastructure and a commitment to quality, Beehive Broadband ensures a stable and reliable internet connection.


Flexibility: A range of plans means you can find the perfect fit for your household’s needs, ensuring you only pay for what you use.


Choosing the right internet plan is crucial for ensuring a seamless online experience. Beehive Broadband’s diverse range of packages means that whether you’re a casual user or a heavy internet consumer, there’s a perfect plan for you. Beehive Broadband offers something for everyone. Don’t forget to take advantage of the bundle deals to save on your monthly invoice. Upgrade your internet experience with Beehive Broadband today and enjoy the benefits of high-speed connectivity tailored to your needs. For more information on what plans are available in your area, check your address here!



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