Giving Back to our Local Communities

Did you know that only 43% of Utahans have access to fiber-optic internet?

Beehive Broadband has made huge efforts over the years to improve that percentage. The company serves 44 rural communities spanning over 12,000 square miles that previously didn’t have access to reliable internet. Beehive Broadband’s high-speed fiber-optic service brings public safety, educational, economic, cultural, social and healthcare opportunities to Utah’s rural neighborhoods.

However, there’s more to our story. In addition to great internet speeds we also give back to our community.

Beehive Broadband wants you to know we care about your community. We work hard to support community efforts and service opportunities.

How Beehive Broadband Gives Back

Every year we support local organizations hoping to make an impact. Here are some highlights of ways we’ve worked to make a difference.

Supporting Families

Every year Beehive Broadband donates money to provide Christmas for low-income families. Specifically, we have participated in the Sub-for-Santa organization that selects families each year that need help paying for Christmas. Every year this creates a special experience for our employees and the families we serve.

Supporting families throughout the year is of great importance to Beehive Broadband. Being part of a small-town community means everyone knows each other. This includes the local businesses as well. We are proud to be among one of the businesses that people reach out to for help.

How have we helped local families?

  • Paid for mortgages
  • Paid for rent
  • Paid for gas
  • Other household expenses


Serving Tooele, Utah and Montello, Nevada

A unique opportunity came to Beehive Broadband in the Tooele, Utah and Montello, Nevada rural areas. After a devastating fire in the Tooele community, we offered equipment to Tooele County. Without hesitation, we also donated money to the Montello, Nevada Fire Department during a time of great need for new equipment.  When the unexpected happens we have made it a goal to help, no matter the circumstances.

Caring for Tooele County School District and Tooele County Ladies Group

When there’s a need, Beehive Broadband is the first to step in. Recently, we donated new clothing and other items to the Tooele County School District’s homeless children in conjunction with the Tooele County Ladies group. This service allowed those less fortunate to receive much-needed supplies.

Sponsors for Community Events

Beehive Broadband participates in sponsoring and helping organizations throughout the year. One sponsorship is for our hometown Lake Point Days. Supporting the community during their city celebrations is a great time for us to connect with residents and find other ways to give back.

Why Beehive Broadband Gives Back

Beehive Broadband has given back to many Utah and Nevada rural communities. Our focus has always been on serving and building a bond with surrounding communities who are always so supportive.

We want to thank you for allowing us to help you. Opportunities to give back helps build the community and our company culture.


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