How Beehive Broadband Brings Fiber Internet to New Communities

Beehive Broadband operates in the beautiful landscapes of Utah and Nevada, where the mountains meet the desert and communities thrive amidst natural beauty. From its inception in 1963, Beehive Broadband has been a pioneer in connecting people in these communities. Established as one of the first telephone companies in the state of Utah, Beehive Broadband has a rich history of telecommunications service. Today, our mission is to bring the world closer, create connections and enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve. Take a deep dive with us into our story and explore our recent endeavors to bring high-speed fiber Internet to new communities.

A Legacy of Connectivity:

Beehive Broadband’s journey traces back to its roots as a local telephone company that connected residents across Utah. Founded as the Silver Beehive Telephone Company, Beehive has always been devoted to connecting individuals and providing unmatched service to rural communities. Beehive’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve led us to transition from traditional telephony to cutting-edge broadband services. Whether it be landline telephones or fiber internet, Beehive Broadband has consistently adapted to the evolving needs of its customers.


In recent years, the demand for faster and more reliable internet services has been on the rise. With this shift, Beehive Broadband pivoted to mainly provide fiber-optic infrastructure. Fiber-optic technology, with its unparalleled speed and reliability, has become the gold standard for internet connectivity.


Community-Centric Approach:

At the core of Beehive Broadband’s mission is a commitment to bridging the digital divide. We recognize the power of high-speed internet and we aim to empower communities, especially those in underserved and rural areas, with access to cutting-edge technology. Beehive Broadband envisions a future where everyone, regardless of their geographic location, has equal opportunities to thrive in the digital age.


Understanding that successful expansion goes beyond laying cables, Beehive Broadband places a strong emphasis on community engagement. We actively seek feedback and reviews from residents and collaborate with local authorities and community leaders to ensure that our infrastructure rollout aligns with the specific needs and preferences of each community.

Current Progress:

Building strong partnerships is key to the success of the Beehive Broadband mission. In Box Elder County, we have been hard at work installing and implementing fiber internet in towns and communities across the county. Construction is complete in Bothwell, Mantua, Marble Hill, Penrose, and Thatcher, as well as currently underway in Elwood and Bear River City. We’re also planning to start construction soon in Willard, South Willard and Howell. For many residents of these towns, this will be their first opportunity to get fiber internet installed in their homes.


Beehive is also one of the few community internet service providers on the Lehi City Fiber Network. In Nevada, we are currently upgrading the DSL copper lines to fiber in Burbank, Pleasant Valley and Moor-Oasis and soon will start updating the service in Pilot Valley.


Our commitment to innovation extends beyond technology and encompasses our internal processes. All members of our Beehive family, from our internal customer service specialists to our engineering teams, are equipped with state-of-the-art training. Our installation team is highly trained, guaranteeing efficiency and minimal disruption to communities during expansion. Our meticulous planning and execution are guided by a vision to create a seamless and positive experience for both existing and new customers.


As Beehive Broadband continues to push the boundaries of technology and expand our fiber-optic network, the impact on communities is transformative. Our story serves as an inspiration; ensuring that no community is left behind in the digital era. Beehive Broadband’s mission-driven approach and community-centric processes exemplify a new era of connectivity, where high-speed internet becomes a catalyst for positive change and equal opportunities.


Check your address today to see if you’re serviceable for a 1Gbps plan. Make the switch and embark on a journey towards a more connected and digitally enriched lifestyle in the new year.


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