Keep Up With Your Demand for Internet

We are all familiar with the frustration that comes when the little buffering circle pops up, interrupting our show. With more people online than ever before working from home, taking classes online or streaming on entertainment platforms, internet bandwidth has been getting stretched thin. Here are a few tips to help you get the most…

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Stay Safe While Staying Home

Working from home isn’t a new concept. It’s been on the rise since 2005 with a 173 percent increase as of December 2019, according to OWL Labs. In light of recent events, even more businesses are sending their employees home to work. With this increased number of home offices and personal computers come more security…

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Computer Safety

Keeping Your Computer Safe From Hackers Passwords Use Multiple Passwords Keeping information safe on your computer requires secure passwords that include a number, capital letter, symbol and the length of 8 characters or longer (i.e. eXamp1e!). However, having one secure password isn’t enough. If a site is breached by a hacker your password can be…

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High-Fiber Internet

The word ‘fiber’ is used to reference one thing, but now you hear it a lot more, and it’s not referring to what foods people are eating. Instead, it’s about fiber-optic internet. This new age of internet connectivity is great, that is, if you actually understand what it all means. However, if tech-lingo isn’t second…

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Understanding Fiber vs DSL Internet

The days of dial-up internet — with its beeps, boops and scratching sounds — have come and gone. That once-familiar sound of connecting to the internet has rarely been heard since the creation of DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line internet connections. DSL reshaped the way we use and think about the internet and it was…

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Broadband Internet: Bandwidth vs. Speed

To succeed in today’s technology-driven world, access to the internet is vital. However, determining what type of internet speed and bandwidth you need is difficult when you’re bombarded by companies promising the fastest broadband speed with the largest bandwidth. But how do you determine what internet speed and bandwidth you need? And what exactly is internet bandwidth?…

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Keeping Your Family Safe Online

The internet has opened up a whole new world for us. It connects us to people, trends, and information. The online possibilities are endless. However, with such open access to information, we also put ourselves and our families at risk. We can be at risk for many reasons, from sharing our private details unknowingly, to…

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