Best Fiber Internet For Businesses In Utah

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world in many ways. It has significantly impacted the corporate world and left it with new norms and unique circumstances. It became common (and necessary) in the first couple of years of the pandemic for individuals to work from home, changing the workforce forever. With the return of more normalcy…

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Why Is My Internet Down? Things To Check

“Yes, I can hear you. Can you hear me?” you ask your coworker in irritation for the third time. “I can see your face, but there’s no sound! Are you on mute?” Your coworker’s face is staring back at you over the video chat, but they can’t hear a word you’re saying. Slowly, your screen…

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Broadband Internet: Bandwidth vs. Speed

To succeed in today’s technology-driven world, access to the internet is vital. Determining what type of internet speed and bandwidth connection you need, however, is difficult when you’re bombarded by companies promising the fastest broadband internet speed with the largest bandwidth. So how do you determine what internet speed and bandwidth you need? And what…

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From Graham Bell to Digital Voice: the Evolution of the Home Phone

This month celebrates the 147th anniversary of the telephone. The evolution of the home phone is a story of innovation and progress, starting with Alexander Graham Bell’s invention in 1876 and culminating in the home phone technology we use today. The landline has come a long way since its early days, and it has played…

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Beehive Broadband is Turning 60!

Utah’s favorite internet provider is celebrating its diamond anniversary in 2023! 60 years ago, Korean War veteran Art Brothers had a dream of bringing modern telecommunications to rural communities. Today, Beehive Broadband is still working tirelessly to make that dream a reality for communities all over Utah and Nevada. Take a look back and discover…

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Three Tips To Make This Year’s Super Bowl Party Legendary

It’s almost time for the most anticipated sports event of the year — filled with hilarious commercials, captivating performances, and plays that will have you on the edge of your seat. That’s right, the Super Bowl is right around the corner. Since not everyone can make the trip down to Phoenix to see the game…

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The Best Christmas-themed Websites to Help You Feel The Holiday Spirit

As the holiday season rolls around this year, there are a plethora of ways to use the internet to get into the festive spirit. The world wide web has plenty of resources — educational and exciting— for the whole family to enjoy. Here are some of our favorite holiday websites to check out this month.…

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Why is Fiber Internet Future-Proof?

As the year is drawing to a close, many people are looking to the future and wondering what changes it holds. As you think about what’s coming, you can be sure that at least one thing won’t change with time: you’re fiber internet. You may have heard that one of the many advantages of fiber…

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Ways to save money with Beehive Broadband

One of the greatest things about modern times is the ability we have to connect with people all over the world at any time. With telephone service and high-speed internet, it’s easy for anyone to connect with their friends, coworkers or loved ones. At Beehive Broadband, we believe that everyone should have easy access to…

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How Utah Played a Part in the Invention of TV

There aren’t many things more popular than TV. Over 97% of Americans own a TV, and the average American spends three hours a day watching television. And this isn’t that surprising — TV is super popular for catching up on current events, watching sports, and getting sucked into soap operas. At Beehive Broadband, we’re proud…

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Beehive is Expanding!

At Beehive Broadband, we want to give everyone access to the fastest internet speeds and provide them with the best service. We’re excited to announce that we are expanding our fiber-optic services to nine more communities! Say goodbye to slow internet speeds and spotty connectivity, and never look back. Expanding where? If you live in…

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The brief history of how Wi-Fi came to be

We trust in Wi-Fi. Most of our day-to-day lives depend on Wi-Fi. But do we truly understand what it is? And even more importantly, do we know how it was created? At Beehive Broadband, we want to help educate all of you. We know there are a lot of technical terms involved when talking about…

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